Brazilian Angel Called Home

833CD0E3-09CC-4859-82B9-D9EC7C121EF0Marielle Franco

The late “June Jordan” my favorite poet introduced me to the concept that if anyone in the world is not free, neither am i. Marielle Franco is the embodiment of that spirit and has given her life in pursuit of that cause. Murdered on the streets of Rio de Janeiro shortly after a meeting of women addressing Brazil’s civil rights abuses this angel gave the last full measure in a hail of nine bullets also taking her driver, Let not her her work and memory fade and for those in Brazil, pick up her banner calling for freedom from tyranny for all. You can kill a person, you can’t kill a movement.


Now Maryland Amerika Listen

Open Letter to legislators, the survivors, and supporters of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018

January 29, 2013 Chicago

Days after returning home to Chicago having performed at the inauguration of President Obama, 15 year old Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed in a random act of gun violence. Where were your voices students and supporters of the gun violence at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida detesting and protesting this senseless death?

My prayers go out to all of you for your losses yet I can’t help but wonder had you spoken up to your elected officials when Hadiya was murdered, instituting a change in gun laws back in 2013, that maybe, just maybe you would not have suffered your losses.

As El Hajj Malik El Shabazz once said, “the chickens have come home to roost,”and was vilified, as surely as I will be, for applying this to the Florida shooting. Yet once you’ve dried your tears of sorrow and anger listen to my suggestions before you consider me heartless and cruel. What practical steps need be taken to prevent a repeat of this tragedy?

1. Install metal detectors at entrances and insure that unmanned entrances are secured from breaking and entering from the outside without considerable effort.

2. The gun show background check loophole would not have prevented this tragedy from occurring yet it ranks high in “feel good” approaches that would limit access to weapons. Close it.

3. The media is responsible for this tragedy by encouraging copycat acts of violence. I recommend that a shooters name be wiped from existence, never to be mentioned ever again. Instead, a national mass shooting perpetrator number such as Fla-14022018 be issued to all media coverage and a fine issued to any who leak or use the shooters name in whatever medium disclosing the shooters name. Notoriety fuels these acts of public violence. Total obliteration would cease the copycat acts that follow these widely publicized tragedies. Only the names of the victims should be shared for us to honor their lives, cut short by these fame seekers. @

Bans on so-called assault weapons are senseless. If the above actions are taken these events would diminish precipitously.

Look outside the illusion of safety next time you hear of a tragedy like the Florida shooting. Had you protested Hadiya Pendleton’s 2013 senseless murder, and the implementation of the changes I have suggest above, maybe, just maybe the loved ones you lost on February 14, 2018 would still be with you. I pray for your losses and hope you advance my sensible, effective solutions to our clear and present danger of mass shootings in America.

Post Script

I said this last month. Look now what your indolence has wrought.

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To understand Charlottesville read this article by an insider

You want to understand Charlotsville, read this article. It’s actually a blue print for understanding on one side and effecting change within on the other. This essay from an insider who left home and became enlightened by a more diverse experience of the world at large.

Let me add that there is a very real fear for some that as these United States become more “colorful” people of color will treat whites as we have been treated. Were this true colonialism would not have been so easy. People of color the world over, sometimes reluctantly, welcomed whites with open arms only to be betrayed time and time again. Amerika is a test bed to show those that are fearful that though we will never forget what has been done to us we are more compassionate. Witness the response to being murdered while studying the Bible in a church in South Carolina.

Introspection and  change within are what is required to make change happen in Amerika. However white people that counter protested against false supremacy at the “Unite the Right” rally you now see and have felt what is our daily experience. From microaggressions to the lynch mob mentality of the hate mongers that planned the rally in Charlotsville. i for one have more confidence in our humanity. We can bridge this great divide. You that rallied against hate are the key.

Lighten up MWB


Review of “Girls Trip” after watching MWB’s YouTube video cut the film up

**SPOILER ALERT** Contains a few details that you may not want to view unless you’ve seen the film.

Long ago, I recall well meaning National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) think tankers thought that, because there was no balance in the roles of Afrikan Amerikans portrayed in the television industry, it was their civic duty to wipe out the seeming stereotypic images presented by the tv series “Amos and Andy.”  There was not much on tv about us during this era except “Beulah,” which the NAACP initially praised Hattie McDaniels tv portrayal taken over from the white male actor on radio.  They then lumped it together with “Amos and Andy” which was also originally portrayed by white actors on radio, denouncing both as portraying negative stereotypical images.

I praise the work of well meaning defenders of our Afrikan images, heritage, family values, womanhood, manhood and positive images of our children. What the NAACP seemingly got right was to remove what they considered stereotypical images. What they got wrong was removing the few images that we had on tv despite the fact that there were actually positively balanced buffoonery as well as hard working characters. Take the characters, Amos and Andy who were owners of a cab company in Harlem, one a family man the other dating and a little gullible yet seeking greater opportunities. The buffoonery and stereotypical interplay was provided by George “King Fish” Stephen’s attempts to exploit Andy’s gullibility in get-rich-quick schemes thereby creating the situation comedy aspect of the show. Amos, the positive character always had to bail out his partner Andy from the schemes of King Fish, the negative character. Through the benevolent efforts of the NAACP, for want of positive images, we lost the positive images of two black men business owners and were left with black portrayals of chauffeurs, maids, and elevator operators.

The ladies of Married Women’s Biz (MWB, talk of balance in “Girls Trip.” Their well meaning dissection of “Girls Trip” claims there were no positive images in the movie, which is false. Ryan Pierce, the successful author and motivational speaker, along with her former NFL star husband Stewart Pierce are a seemingly perfect couple, both positive images. Sasha, a struggling gossip writer with her own company, no less positive image except the struggling part that shows her assets being repossessed. Her struggles are partly explained by the moral dilemma of what she does juxtaposed against the betrayal of one of her friends decision to not partner with her to form a black “Huffington Post” which is revealed later in the movie.

MWB’s condemnation of the entire movie stems mainly from what we would consider the over the top, masterfully portrayed “wratchet” behavior of Tiffany Haddish’s character Dina, who stole every scene she was in, even when her part was peripheral. Name a black woman stereotype, except ugly which Ms Haddish definitely is not, the character Dina took beyond the limit. The others behavior often followed her wratchet lead in the spirt of “turnin’ it up” for old times sake on this all expenses paid visit to the Essence Festival. “Turnt Up” was what they did to release some of the stress of their lives from, near bankruptcy, a sexless life dedicated to child rearing, being fired, and infidelity for one weekend of debauchery.

Stop, MWB. When it is that we cannot laugh at admittedly over the top depictions of normal people coping with life’s vicissitudes with raucous behavior I’m sure both of you seeming protectors of all that is virtuous in Afrikan behavior have truly lost an crucial aspect of our survival and coping mechanism, laughing to keep from crying and giving up on life.

The slapstick, alcohol abusing (absinthe is not a drug but a very high proof alcoholic beverage which today the hallucinogenic herb has been removed), lascivious acting overshadows a deep friendship between these women that had not been enjoyed in five years. That same friendship was put to test in having each other’s back in the time of crisis that these scenes from the movie were portrayed in such a balanced manner they never became maudlin or slowing to the film. These scenes never became laden with the heavy morality of the situation as happens so often in comedies. You felt the pain of each character and were on the edge of your seat to have the camaraderie of these four sisters restored.

So, lighten up MWB. There’s room in my life at least from paying bills, being a good upstanding father and grandfather, coworker, friend in need, target of police racial profiling, sufferer of mass incarceration, gentrification, underemployment, human trafficking, our unacknowledged missing girls and boys,  to laugh at unbridled self indulgent hedonistic behavior of four Afrikan Amerikan women that needed a break from the era of tRump, cause frankly sometimes girls trip, and their boy counter parts do too!




You Can do better

Sacrilege. Ain’t no niggers jz. You know that. Why claim it for those less fortunate than you. To take an iconic treatise on niggering us, got ignorant fans thinking you originated this masterpiece you’ve plagiarized/sampled to widen the financial gap between you and your fans. Yeah you’re a “business man,” another capitalist sham, on us. With all of your talent you can do better nigga. You’re an Afrikan in the MAAFA, Afrikan.

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Nah, you’re not getting away with associating me with apes, feeding me euro/christos iconography in hopes of a promised land “in the by in by” while you enjoy the fruits of my exploitation. Nope, not buying this box office propaganda success. Don’t be sucked in by the hype.

My critique of “War for The Planet of the Apes.”#warfortheplanetoftheapes

This is What Love Looks Like

imageTwo weeks ago I met a woman of European descent who is a light worker. Kind of like granddad Leroy. Spontaneously she prayed for me and I thanked her not knowing what the gift of that prayer was. A week later I was traveling to DC with a buddy to pick up his sons from their summer vacation.  I was driving and listening to some oldies thinking of my ex when suddenly I realized I was thinking of her but the weight of loving her was gone. I cried cathartic tears of relief even though I was driving while my traveling companion slept. There was this big gaping hole in my chest/soul but I felt lighter, free at last.

Two weeks later I was to travel to Philly. Spirit moved me to tell my ex I no longer wanted her crumbs. Not mean, not nasty just free of caring for someone who has no care for me. She said I had an agenda and I told her she was wrong. The universe made me a liar. It knew that had I not let her go by speaking it into existence it would not share its unlimited bounty and glory with me. But I did so and when I got to Philly prepared to learn how to set up an empowering flea market I noticed a young woman setting up her booth across from our political booth. I don’t know if you know what smudging is. Native Americans made a space/area sacred by burning sage in a bundle called a smudge stick. Well this young woman cleansed her space before she started selling antique clothing and jewelry that she made. The act of cleansing her space impressed me so I went to look at her display. Talking to her was like having a conversation with a female reflection of myself.  Instant recognition of her divinity, purity of heart motivation and respect for life. Had the light worker not cleansed my aura, had I not spoke into existence freeing myself from my ex and my selfish attachment to her, “Gracie” (listen to her name GRACE/GOD’s/the creators grace)  would have been rendered invisible to me were it not for her act of cleansing her space. We have just begun our journey together. Distance has to be bridged yet that means nothing when the universe conspires to bless you with its bounty if only you let go and let God/The Creator work her Majik. Let go and love, for this is what love looks like!